Mindfulness is a daily practice that is not related to any religion and works powerfully for most people. We will introduce it and practice it daily.

In addition, there are many kinds of powerful meditative practices that developed over thousands of years in various cultures of the world. Different personalities work best with different forms of these meditations. While identifying the essential elements of all meditations, we will introduce several different forms as well, helping you select one that works best for you. This, only if you want to add another practice to basic mindfulness.

There will also be daily lectures and discussions that you can choose to participate in. The topics would include:

  • The essential nature of spirituality from the perspective of psychology, physics, and evolution

  • Formal religions - their need, their origins and their relationship to spirituality

  • Art, creativity, and movement, and their relationship to spirituality

  • The eventual impact of mindfulness on the conception and the creation of a 'Self'

  • Ways to stay connected to essential spirituality and a sense of the sacred in everyday life

* Dr. Kamran Ahmad has a PhD from California in Eastern Spirituality and has written a few books on the topic. More relevant here, since 1985, when he took a year off from studying Physics at the Univerity of Minnesota to learn Buddhist meditations, living in a monastery in Sri Lanka, he has spent time with various spiritual groups, around the world, learning their methods, techniques, and worldviews. He also has a Master's degree from California in Consciousness Studies. Since inner work can bring up deeper psychological issues to the surface, it helps that he also has a degree in Clinical Psychology (also from California) and has practiced it for about 30 years, mostly with the United Nations.

Weekly Retreat Package

USD 680 for single room** &

USD 580 in a shared room**

Stay, meditation sessions, lectures and discussions, 3 meals a day, and trips to Unawatuna Beach and Galle Fort are all included in the price.

Pick and drop from Colombo airport can be arranged for the cost price.

QUESTIONS : Management@Leijay.com

(The group size is limited so write to us as soon as possible for information on how to make reservations)

**plus a 10% Service Charge, paid directly to staff in cash at checkout.

Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat

It helps to deal with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression for sure. But it can also bring about a shift in how we deal with and how we feel about our everyday lives, our relationships, and ourselves.

This has to do with our well-being, our sense of aliveness, and our connection to the spirit, beyond all formal religions.

Led by Dr. Kamran Ahmad*

On the beautiful Southern Coast of Sri Lanka

With daily (optional) lectures and discussions on Consciousness, Psyche, and Spirituality

Do you feel an inner need to reconnect?


May 19 2024 Arrival

May 25 2024 Departure

Leijay Resort, Galle, Sri Lanka